Tours & Programs

Tide Pool Exploration

Discover coastal critters and aquatic life up close! In this exploration of Newport’s tide pools, you will get an in-depth look at this unique ecosystem housed in the space between land and sea. From familiar sea stars to species you never knew existed, this tour will excite and engage visitors of all ages.

Wrack Walk (wrack: things washed ashore)

Explore the contents of the sea by getting to know what washes ashore! Ranger Roy will help you discover natural treasures hidden between the driftwood and seaweed along the shoreline. This tour is especially suited for young children and when there is no tide pool exposure.


Pinnipeds (Seals & Sea Lions)

Get to know Oregon’s Harbor Seals and California Sea Lions, our friends the pinnipeds! These great mammals have a lot to teach us about their habitat and the life of a coastal critter. Ranger Roy will guide you to the best sighting locations and give you the low-down on how these cool creatures live.


Oregon Coast Lighthouses

The Oregon Coast is home to some of the world’s most breathtaking lighthouses. Having been an interpretive lighthouse keeper and guide for Yaquina Head (Oregon’s tallest lighthouse), Ranger Roy offers expertise and unique insight into the lighthouse’s inner workings, their keepers, and their families.



Discover the unique and beautiful creatures of the sky that inhabit Oregon’s rocky shores, from gulls and pelicans to lesser known species such as black oystercatchers, common murres, and harlequin ducks. Catch sight of an exciting array of unique birds and expand your understanding and experience of these amazing species.


With so many incredible trails to explore along the Oregon Coast, it can be hard to know where to start! Being a resident of the area for over 10 years and an avid outdoorsman, Ranger Roy will take you along his favorite hikes, from shorter forest strolls to longer treks with spectacular scenery and vistas, providing insight about the natural world along the way. His in-depth experience with environmental education makes this a great choice for families and explorers of all ages.

Storm Watching

Bad weather? No worries! The storms along the Oregon Coast are awesome, in the most profound sense of the word. Observe the majesty of spouting horns (geyser-like water plumes), the basalt chutes that make the sea look like a milkshake, and the power of splashing waves reaching heights of 50 feet or more. Stay safe and comfortable while getting the best possible view of nature’s fury. Rain gear is essential!

Experiencing Nature

Ranger Roy provides a unique way to explore the environment using guided activities and games to help you explore and experience the natural beauty around you. This program can be tailored to groups of all ages, ranging anywhere from 1-4 hours, depending on your group’s needs.


Accessible Nature Tours

Ranger Roy has a strong background of working with people with disabilities, and continues to do so through activities and education. Having limited vision himself, he has a unique insight into how to create special programs appropriate to a variety of special needs and abilities.


Custom Tours

Want to combine two or more activities, or have something in mind that you don’t see in this list? Ranger Roy is more than happy to work with you to create a tour that perfectly fits the desires and needs of your group! Contact him today to get started.

Ranger Roy

Ranger Roy reveling in the glorious Oregon Coast–join him!

Yaquina Head Lighthouse

Yaquina Head Lighthouse: Ranger Roy’s beautiful former home is the tallest lighthouse in Oregon