Ranger Roy Picks – Redwoods    

This guide includes information for the Redwood National and State Parks, from Crescent City to Orick, California. Call (707) 465-7335 or visit for more information direct from the source.

Hiouchi Area (North)

  • From 101, take 197 from Smith River to 199 head east to Hiouchi (Hi uh chee).
  • From Grants Pass, continue south on Hwy 199. Check out the Hiouchi Visitor Center if it’s open.
  • Don’t miss:
    • Stout Grove accessed from the Howland Hill Road (narrow, gravel) just off South Fork Road, or in summer…
    • Jedediah Smith State Park footbridge across the Smith River, about a 1/2 mile loop trail: Howland Hill Road goes through the heart of the Jedediah Smith Redwoods. Take it!

Heading South of Crescent City

  • Damnation Creek Trail: Just a pull off on the west side of Hwy 101 at MP 16. Rather steep, but very beautiful. About 4 miles roundtrip.
  • Trees of Mystery is a large commercial attraction. Nothing too mysterious, but has a huge gift shop and Paul Bunyon often talks with visitors in the parking lot.
  • Turn up Requa Road to watch for whales from the Klamath River Overlook. The trail to Hidden Beach is nearby; it’s part of the Coastal Trail.
  • Looking for the Drive Through Tree? There isn’t one in any park, but there is a commercial drive-through tree in Klamath. Watch for the sign on the east side of the highway.

South of the Klamath River

  • Take the Coastal Drive. The trailhead for the Flint Ridge section of the Coastal Trail is here. This trail is less used than many others through old growth, but no loop and the rewards might not be worth an out and back…but if you like peace and quiet, do it. All the redwoods are spectacular!
  • Take the Newton B. Drury Scenic Parkway. This is the old 101 and goes right through the Prairie Creek Redwood section with lots of trailhead access.
  • Big Tree Wayside have parking for many trailheads. All are spectacular, so choose your length from the signs. Some trails link together to form loops. Big Tree itself is very close to the parking lot.
  • Stop at the Prairie Creek (Elk Prairie) Visitor Center.
  • Hike the James Irvine Trail to Fern Canyon. It’s popular, but awesome. Probably the best redwood hike ever, plus you end up in Fern Canyon and then on the beach. There are often elk on the beach! You can loop (sort of) back to the trailhead by taking Miners Ridge Trail. This is about a 10-mile loop. If time or ability don’t permit this long of a hike, you can drive very close to Fern Canyon on Davidson Rd.

South of Elk Prairie (Parkway goes back to 101)

  • Trillium Falls (2+ mile loop on the west side of the parkway (Trailhead at Elk Meadow off Davidson Rd.)
  • Lady Bird Johnson Grove (1+ mile loop) on the east side (a couple miles up Bald Hills Rd.) are both beautiful trails.

South of Orick

  • Kuchel Visitor Center is on the beach. Exhibits, interpretive store, beach views, redwood info, and ranger talks.
  • Usually open year-round.